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Corporate Values

GAEC is committed to sound and transparent governance that will enhance the Commission’s relationship with all stakeholders. This will be achieved through leadership with the following core values; accountability; integrity; fairness; trust; customer satisfaction; quality services; team work and compliance with regulatory requirements.

The mandate of the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission as prescribed in the Act 588 of 2000 includes carrying out commercial, research and development activities for the socio-economic advancement of Ghana

To become the leading organization contributing to sustainable national prosperity through the effective utilization of nuclear, biotechnology, and other related technologies.

  • To develop and promote the peaceful utilization of nuclear, biotechnology, and other related technologies for socio-economic development through research, training, and commercialization.
  • To advise the government on policies related to the peaceful applications of these technologies

In pursuit of these, GAEC will build strategic alliances and partnerships with national, regional, and international bodies for Ghana to fulfill its obligations on nuclear safety, security, safeguards, and environmental protection while building the necessary capacity for the introduction of nuclear power into Ghana’s energy mix.