Aerial view of GAEC, BNARI research Cassava and Plantain farm

The Biotechnology and Nuclear Agriculture Research Institute (BNARI) in partnership with the Creative and Multimedia Team (CMT) of the Technology Transfer and Marketing Centre (TTMC), both of the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC), has initiated a project to promote research-proven practices in farming.

The move is targeted at reaching out to active and potential farmers to adopt effective, research-proven farming methods, beginning from seed handling to harvesting, including pest and disease management as well as postharvest processing of farm produce.

The project involves extensive video production of practical demonstrations of scientific activities at the BNARI in both field and laboratory by the CMT. Accordingly, Dr. Michael Osae, Director of BNARI, has outlined and recommended some commercially viable technologies which can benefit farmers enormously and improve their livelihoods. These including protein bait, cassava cultivation and radiation processing for postharvest management technologies.

Dr. Osae has further indicated that the current BNARI–CMT initiative will draw people’s attention to the in-depth research work carried out by his outfit to ensure standard and healthy farm practices. He is of the view that most unacceptable farm practices that result in poor yields and negative impact on the environment could be corrected through this project or initiative. He has added that BNARI will organise training programmes for interested persons who would seek further knowledge.

Ms. Sheila Frimpong, Manager of TTMC who doubles as the leader of CMT, has disclosed that the initiative will be replicated for every commercially viable technology available in all GAEC institutes. This, according to her, would help market the various technologies as a means of building new revenue streams or expanding the revenue sources of GAEC to support its activities and remain competitive.

Ms. Frimpong has hinted that there is a possibility of promoting the video contents on traditional media (e.g. television) aside the provisions made to carry out extensive promotions on all social media platforms.

By: GAEC Multimedia

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