The Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC) has reorganized and restructured some administrative offices to enhance efficiency and boost the commercialization of its nuclear technologies and other services.


Mr. William Srekuma, Director of Administration(GAEC)
Mr. William Srekuma, Director of Administration(GAEC)

The exercise involved the consolidation and realignment of about five different Offices which has given birth to a new office, called the Commercialization and Communication Directorate (CCD). The CCD has five Centers, namely; the Communication and Public Relations, Marketing, Technology Transfer and Innovation, Information and Communication Technology, and the Guesthouse and Hospitality Services Centers.


The Commission also elevated its Human Resource Department into a Directorate which now has four Centers to effectively manage employee’s capacity development and job performance within the Commission. The Centers are; Training and Development, Recruitment and Selection, Counseling, and Welfare and Pension Centers.


The Director-General of GAEC, Prof. Benjamin Jabez Botwe Nyarko, explained that the Commission undertook the restructuring exercise to bring to the doorstep of individuals and industries, the Commission’s solution-driven nuclear research that addresses societal problems, whiles, promoting the peaceful use of nuclear, biotechnology and other related technologies for the socio-economic development of the country.


He also noted that the CCD would aid in the promotion of commercialization to help generate income to support the activities of the Commission, whiles the Human Resource (HR) Directorate would boost the functionality of the HR personnel towards the effective management of employees, welfare and morale, among others.


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