The National Nuclear Research Institute (NNRI) of the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC) held a seminar for research scientists to bridge the gap between innovations and practical applications.

The objective of the seminar was to equip the researchers with strategies and insights to help navigate the path from laboratory discoveries to the commercialisation of their work.

In his presentation, the Director of Commercialisation and Communication Directorate (CCD) of GAEC, Nana Boateng, stated that scientists must brainstorm ideas that can be commercialised before the start of their research.

The Director of Commercialisation and Communication Directorate (CCD) of GAEC, Nana Boateng giving his presentation at the seminar

“Thinking about commercialisation early in the research process will encourage you to match your work with industrial or everyday use. This mindset will prompt you to identify potential implications of your findings in real-world scenarios” he said.

Nana Boateng emphasised the importance of intellectual property protection for researchers, particularly in fields as dynamic as those explored by the Commission’s research scientists.

“Patents are more than just legal safeguards; they are a strategic move to ensure that both innovators and investors can confidently and profitably engage in the development and commercialisation of game-changing technologies” he stated.

He urged the scientists to adopt the mindset of innovators and entrepreneurs in addition to being researchers.

“The scientists cannot do it alone. That is why it is important for them to collaborate with CCD so that we can journey with them from the beginning to ensure the successful commercialisation of their innovations and technologies” he added.

On his part, the Director of NNRI, Dr. Samuel Ganyaglo expressed his hope that the scientists would leave the programme with new insights into how to translate their research findings into useful innovations that will help grow the Ghanaian economy and GAEC in particular.

Staff members at the seminar

“Intellectual property (IP) and research commercialization are important topics to me as a scientist and Director. It’s clear from the information received from this seminar that we can profit greatly from intellectual property. We can make a lot of money if our scientists are able to patent their ideas and we have an IP policy in place that allows them to do so” he stated.

In his closing remarks, the Chairman for the day, Dr. Dennis Kpakpo Adotey expressed gratitude to the scientists for their participation in the seminar and urged the Director of CCD to collaborate with GAEC Management in the strengthening of the IP policy.



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