The Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC) has equipped officers of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF), (Air Force Division) with skills on Non – Destructive Testing (NDT) techniques to ensure quality in the discharge of their duties.

The training programme that was spearheaded by the GAEC Technology Transfer and Marketing Centre (TTMC) hosted ten (10) participants from the Armed Forces. It is part of a comprehensive approach to improve quality and reliability in the inspection of welded materials within the oil and gas, mining and manufacturing industries in Ghana.

Engineers, Managers, Supervisors, Quality Control administrators, Condition Monitoring Technicians, Engineering Technicians, and individuals who see to the maintenance of plants and equipment were the main targets for the programme.

Aside from officers from GAF, staff from Providence Industrial Services limited and other individuals were part of the 5 day intensive training programme.

The participants were taken through techniques including; Penetrant Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Alternative Ultrasonic Testing and Radiographic Testing.

The Director of the National Nuclear Research Institute (NNRI) of GAEC, Dr. Francis Gorman Ofosu, noted that the training programme was part of an agenda to improve quality service delivery as well as skills within the NDT industry nationwide.

He added that the training of engineers and technicians would soon be intensified across the country.

Dr. Ofosu advised engineers form the Air Force to take advantage of the knowledge acquired to do a thorough Non – Destructive Testing on their aircrafts before they take off.

Sharing his experience from the training programme, the leader of the trainees Squadron Leader Saah Ampene of the Ghana Air force expressed joy at the high level of knowledge acquired in NDT applications.

He advised that enough Public awareness be created through the media (electronic and print), to encourage the participation of all relevant industry players in the country.

He was confident that imparting this skill to the professionals will help transform Ghana’s engineering and welding sector.

The leader expressed gratitude to management and promised to return for more when the opportunity avails itself.

By: Thykingdom Kudesey / Office of Corporate and Public Affairs (OCPA) – GAEC

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