The Radiological and Medical Sciences Research Institute (RAMSRI) of Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC) has received nine International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) research fellows for a clinical training programme in diagnostic radiology and nuclear medicine.

The fellowship is an IAEA sponsored programme to equip medical physicists from Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, Uganda, and Zimbabwe with hands-on practical training lessons at GAEC and other selected hospitals.

The Director-General of GAEC, Prof. Benjamin Jabez Botwe Nyarko, in a short address revealed that GAEC for the first time is hosting a six-to-twelve month group fellowship programme for participants to be trained in diagnostic radiology and nuclear medicine.

According to Prof Nyarko, Africa has fallen behind when it comes to appreciating the importance of science and technology. He, therefore, urged the fellows to apply themselves to the programme in order to acquire the requisite hands-on knowledge needed to succeed when they go back to their various countries.

“Acquire a great amount of knowledge to be able to help your countries when you go back,” he said.

He also expressed his delight in having two female fellows taking part in the training programme. He mentioned that their involvement demonstrates that women can excel in the field of science and technology.

The Director of RAMSRI, Prof Mary Boadu said that IAEA Initiated the training programme to improve the overall safety and effectiveness of nuclear medicine and diagnostic radiology services in Africa. As a result, she admonished the fellows to focus on their training so they can become experts in their profession.

“Endeavour to learn as much as you can, so that upon your return, you will be very beneficial to your own institute and country at large” she stated.

In a short statement, the Fellowship Coordinator, Mr Theophilus Sackey, advised the fellows to keep a portfolio to assist them in recording everything that they will be taught during their training. He also assured them of their safety and implored them to call on the Commission for guidance when they face any difficulty.


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