Distinguished ladies and Gentlemen, it is an honor and a privilege to celebrate this International Women’s Day with you all and share a few thoughts on this day. The theme for this celebration is; Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow with a sub-theme “Break the Bias”. 

International Women’s Day is marked globally every year with great enthusiasm to celebrate the achievements of women in all spheres of influence: social, political, economic, academic and other fields of life.

Today, women are leaders in various endeavors and work at par with men because of the hard work done by the forbearers that fought relentlessly to bring us this far. However, the dominant grip of society by men continues unabated. Men are still holding women to subservient positions in society.

Without a shred of doubt, the growth and sustainability of the human race depend on women. At home or work, women demonstrate a great deal of zeal and enthusiasm but they are mostly sidelined on issues affecting women and children. The time is ripe for women to champion their issues.

An American writer, Harriet Beecher Stower, once said ‘women build society and build communities: women are therefore the real architects of society’. 

 Therefore, women must be respected and given their rightful place in society. To ensure gender equity and sustain our environment for future generations, women must have the space to realize their potential and take their pride of place in society.

As we celebrate this remarkable day, let us continue the work done by our forbearers and in solidarity, let us raise the awareness of the plight of all women and break the biases. For without women, sustainability will be beyond reach.

Happy International Women’s Day.

Long Live GAEC Ladies Association

GAEC Ladies: it’s our Word, We Take Charge; Together we can Do More.

Thank You


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