Ghana Atomic Energy Commission’s (GAEC) fight of the COVID-19 pandemic, has positioned it to offer third party quality control services for all nine-testing equipment located in various health facilities in the country.

The Radiological and Medical Sciences Research Institute (RAMSRI) of the Commission is leading this noble gesture.

The Institute is poised to help the process by detecting any possible analytical errors within the various laboratories to ensure reliability and accuracy of test results. This will help provide the best possible care to patients knowing the true state of their health. The “policing work” will ensure that at all times, results provided are both accurate and reliable. It will offer an unbiased, independent assessment of analytical performance of the various testing centers.

Over the years, RAMSRI, through its clinical audit program has been engaged in quality control assessment of diagnostic equipment as well as protocols, and procedures of our various hospitals in Ghana. The Institute is also involved in monitoring and evaluation of infectious diseases protocols using radionuclide based molecular techniques.

The Institute has highly qualified personnel involved in the study of the prevalence and distribution of infectious disease agents while advancing the use of molecular methods in infection diagnosis and management in the country.

RAMSRI is equipped with the technical know-how on the fight against infectious diseases such as Human Papillomavirus (HPV), Cancer causing agent, Tuberculous (TB) and HIV-AIDS. This wealth of experience has placed it at the right place to offer its services in the fight against COVID-19.

Furthermore, it is of interest to note that, RAMSRI has been working on infectious agents with molecular techniques for close to two decades. This will not be the first time the Institute has stepped up to the occasion to contribute to the national healthcare system.

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