The Director General of the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC) Prof. Benjamin Nayrko has hinted that the “One District One Factory” initiative may face severe setbacks if recommendations made by energy experts are not taken into consideration.

The Director General made this revelation at his inaugural lecture as a Fellow of the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences, on the topic “Access to sustainable and Affordable Energy for all; the role of Nuclear Energy”.

According to him, the energy demand will triple across the country when the “One district One Factory” initiative comes into full force. This he said will threaten the growth of the initiative if Ghana does not settle on affordable and reliable energy supply.

He recommended that Ghana went Nuclear in order to meet the industrial energy demand. “Even though solar is also an alternative source of energy, it may not generate enough to meet industrial demand”, he added

Speaking on the anxiety that grips many at the mention of nuclear power, Prof. Nyarko said, “to everything system there is a disadvantage. What matters most is to ensure that, such disadvantages are well managed”. He added that, despite the Fukushima nuclear accident Japan has not given up on nuclear power because of its benefits.

He charged the public to conduct individual research to ascertain for themselves the type of energy that is most reliable and suitable to solve Ghana’s challenges. “The fact that we have enough sunshine is not a guarantee that solar energy can solve all energy related problems in Ghana”, he stressed.

He advised Government to consider recommendations made by its advisory bodies on energy including GAEC in order to meet future energy demands.

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