We join the rest of the world in paying special tribute to mothers as we commemorate Mother’s Day, today. On behalf of Management and Staff of the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC), I would like to salute all mothers and mother figures in the Commission.

The word “Mother” in common usage denotes the state of either having given birth to a young one, or nurturing and caring for such young ones with great affection as well as teaching them to be responsible members of society and helping them to actualise their greatest potential.

Thus, motherhood is undeniably the most important job on the planet.  Your love and sacrifices nourish and sustain us from conception until the end of time.

You do, in fact, shape our personalities, nurture our talents, and inspire us to strive for greater heights. Your collective efforts make the world a better place.

We appreciate your commitment to us and your will to keep us on the right path.

Importantly, your ability to balance work and family life in order to achieve professional and personal goals while maintaining a loving and stable home is admirable.

On this special day, I would like to charge our female colleagues to be champions of innovation, excellence and efficiency within the GAEC system.

I also urge them to be good role models, actively and purposefully coaching and mentoring new staff, national service persons, interns and students that come to our organisation and help them through the “can do spirit” reach the peak of their careers.

Above all, I will encourage our female colleagues to aspire to be the best they can as scientists, administrators, teachers and supporting staff and indeed mothers.

Kudos to all mothers, both inside and outside the Commission. I implore you to treat motherhood with the seriousness it deserves, remembering that the outcome of your labour heavily influences the course of life. You are incredible and deserve our gratitude!

Happy Mother’s Day to all GAEC female staff, GAEC Ladies’ Association and all mothers everywhere.


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