A team from the National Nuclear Research Institute (NNRI), of the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC), have engaged the Office of Corporate and Public Affairs (OCPA), GAEC, to commence a video documentary series as part of measures to make known their research findings and its impact on society.

The meeting that took place on Wednesday February 27 at the Nuclear Chemistry and Environmental Research Center saw in attendance the Center Managers, Research Scientists, and the NNRI communication team including the Head of the Scientific Information and Technology Transfer Unit (SITTU). Also present was the Deputy Director of the Institute, Dr. JK Gbadago to grace the occasion.

Giving the opening remarks, the chairman of the NNRI communication team, Dr. Bright Sogbey, said the meeting was very important to usher in a new way to reach the public through a high quality videos to help promote the activities of NNRI.

He stressed on the importance of the meeting to help all the Center Managers and Heads of Consultancy groups, carry a single voice in the presentation of the activities of their Centers.

The Deputy Director of NNRI, Dr. JK Gbadago, in a statement assured the gathering that the public sensitization activities being embarked on by the Institute has the full support of the Management Board. “We will ensure that all the videos produced are scrutinized to guarantee that they present the true image of the Institute”, he added. Dr. Gbadago opined that the goal of this public sensitization drive should be in consonance with the overriding objectives set by the Institute. “Identify national needs and provide appropriate solutions linked to our facilities”, he explained.

The Head of Office of Corporate and Public Affairs, Mr. Mark Kwasi Sarfo, hinted that the Commission is now towing a slightly different way of publicizing their activities. “We have in the past focused on mainly talking about our activities without necessarily relating these activities to specific problems of the society and how we can solve them. The new trend now in our video productions is to identify particular problems affecting people’s lives and how we as a Commission or a Center for that matter can solve it”, he said.

Mr. Sarfo expressed gratitude to management of NNRI for this novel idea of having an Institute communication team to work hand-in-hand with the OCPA in publicizing the activities of the Institute and the Commission as a whole.

He also thanked the NNRI communication team for the opportunity.

Office of Corporate and Public Affairs (OCPA)-GAEC

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