Prof. Benjamin Nyarko, Director-General (GAEC)

The Director General of the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC) Prof. Benjamin Nyarko has challenged scientists to be truthful to consumers on the actual source of solar energy.

He made the call at the Grand Durbar of the Africa Renaissance Day Celebration held in Accra.

This day was set aside by the Organization of African Unity (OAU) now African Union (AU) to remind African governments and people about the critical roles played by Science and Technology in national development.

The Director General disclosed that Solar Energy that is classified under renewable energy was as a result of nuclear reaction from the sun.

Prof. Nyarko who expressed disappointment at the low turnout of scientists as against non-scientists stressed that the inability of nuclear scientists to share their stories has resulted in the negative image created for nuclear technology.

According to him, ‘the challenge confronted by most scientists is either they are too busy with what they are doing or they are doing nothing and cannot do anything.’

He acknowledged that the first energy experienced in the world is the sun energy, which produces a nuclear reaction called nuclear fusion. ‘The hydrogen atom in the sun comes together to form helium and the vast heat energy and light and that is what the renewables are tapping and they call it renewable energy’ he explained. He stressed that the actual source of the renewable energy is from nuclear reaction.

To his disappointment, the real scientific process has been kept away from public domain hence creating a notion that solar energy is better compared to nuclear energy.

He charged all Nuclear and Space scientists to move out of their shells and spread the good news about nuclear technology. He added that, in the absence of this, technologies such as Nuclear, Biotechnology, Mutation breeding among others will continue to suffer condemnation.

By: Thykingdom Kudesey

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