The Commercialization and Communication Directorate (CCD) of the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC) has held its maiden general meeting with a call on staff to be committed to the cause of the Directorate.

The Acting Director of CCD, Ms. Sheila Frimpong, who made the call, urged the staff to rally behind one another and actively participate in the efforts towards realizing the reasons for establishing it.


Ms. Frimpong in a presentation took the staff through the vision, mission, and goals of the Directorate as well as the key activities and targets for the five Centers under the Directorate for the year 2021.

She urged them to achieve targets set out for the year, adding: “the CCD has been established to drive commercialization of the Commission’s nuclear technologies and other services to help generate income to support the activities of the Commission”.

“It was also established to promote the Commission’s brand as well as build strong identity and reputation through effective communication,” she said.

The Acting Director, however, noted that this could not be realized without teamwork and shared responsibility among the staff of CCD.


Managers of each Centre took turns to give brief remarks, urging staff to be supportive, dutiful and committed to the aspirations of the Directorate and its leadership.


The CCD, through restructuring and realignment of some administrative offices in GAEC, was established in January 2021, to help boost the commercialization of the Commission’s nuclear technologies and other services, and bring to the doorstep of individuals and industries, the Commission’s solution-driven nuclear research that addresses societal problems, while promoting the peaceful use of nuclear, biotechnology and other related technologies for the socio-economic development of the country.



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